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The Andrews philosophy focuses on industry-leading machinery and top quality team members. Our 10,000 square foot manufacturing facility holds machinery and equipment made for producing large-scale runs of quality casework. The efficiency and accuracy of the machinery means Andrews can meet and exceed our competitors lead times.
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Manufactured in our Tacoma, Washington factory

10,000 square feet

A well-equipped facility with a focus on investing in industry-leading equipment

12 kitchens per day

Consistently manufacturing and delivering casework on time and on budget

Quality Construction

The real champions of our warehouse are our knowledgeable and dedicated staff

Since Andrew’s was founded over 100 years ago, our priority has been the same: to strengthen our community by connecting people and solutions. Our vision is to build an amazing workplace that creates long lasting relationships with our customers and community. By focusing on excellence in talent, technology, and collaboration, Andrew’s Fixture Company becomes an invaluable partner in our community. Our casework manufacturing facility is home to carefully selected machinery and equipment. We focus on investing in our people and our equipment, machinery and technology. Pair these with the attention to detail of our experienced team, and we’ve got a recipe for success.

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